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   athletes      break      economy      economy      ever      gold      good      many      medals      money      news      people      performance      populous      real      spirit      surprise      third      total      usually  
The bank Goldman Sachs has taken a from looking at the world's . It has predicted how medals countries will win at the 2016 Rio Olympics. There are no surprises. Most know the USA and China will win the most . One is the bank predicted Great Britain will finish , with 23 gold medals and 59 medals in . It also thinks the world's second most country, India, will win just one gold medal.

There is good for Brazil. The host of the Olympics gets 50 per cent more golds. The bank predicted that Brazil would win five medals. This would be Brazil's best ever . The bank also predicted the Olympics would be for Brazil's economy. Thousands of and visitors will come. They will spend and get into the Olympic . This will help the Brazilian . The Rio Olympics will be one of the best .

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