Gap Fill - Catastrophic Sleep - Level 4


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   anxiety      caffeine      catastrophic      consequences      disease      diseases      earlier      enough      health      hours      lack      less      longer      mobile      night      part      plague      risk      single      why  
Research shows that we are not sleeping and that is affecting our . A sleep warned that a " sleep-misfortune " is making us ill. He said a lack of sleep puts us at from deadly . The expert said if we don't sleep eight a night, we will die . He added that not sleeping enough affects every part of our health and every of our body.

The expert warned that a of sleep causes diseases like cancer, heart , obesity and diabetes. We do not understand the "catastrophic" of not getting eight hours a night. He explained we are sleeping . He said we "electrified the " and this hurts our sleep. He also blamed working hours, a desire to be with friends, phones, alcohol and . He also blamed , loneliness and depression.

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