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Carrying the shopping makes over-65s stronger






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Older people should carry their own shopping to stay stronger and live longer. A physiotherapy group in the UK says this is important for the over-65s to keep active to maintain their strength. Millions of people risk falling because they do not maintain their strength. This causes most hip injuries. The group says nearly a quarter of over-65s don't exercise to keep their muscles strong. A physiotherapy group spokesperson said: "For those 65 and over, they can also include activities that involve stepping and jumping, like dancing, or chair aerobics."

The physiotherapist group said the over-65s should carry shopping home. It warns against Internet shopping. It said the rise of Internet shopping means fewer people are getting a "shopping workout". The group said: "Research shows getting stronger brings a whole host of health benefits so it is incredibly important that people don't overlook strengthening when being active." It also suggested gardening, vacuuming and regularly standing up out of a chair. It added: "We must move past the idea that becoming weaker and frailer is inevitable as we get older."

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