Speed Reading — Cold Noodles - Level 6 — 500 wpm 

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Historic talks have taken place between the leaders of North and South Korea, aided by the dish of cold noodles. North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in discussed a whole range of bilateral issues, including the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsular. Cold noodles ensured the talks were conducted in a jovial manner. After Kim Jong-un made history by becoming the first North Korean leader to cross the border and step foot in the South, he joked about his gift of cold noodles for his counterpart. Long queues formed outside cold noodle shops in Seoul. On social media, the term "cold noodles" was trending higher than "North Korea-South Korea summit".

World leaders were optimistic on Friday that the summit would lead to peace between the two Koreas. The two countries are technically still at war, having never signed a peace treaty since the end of the Korean War in 1953. China praised the Korean leaders for their "political courage". It welcomed their joint declaration vowing to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and seek a peace treaty. China's foreign ministry called the handshake on the border between the leaders a "historic moment". Many families either side of the border were separated by the Korean War. They are now hopeful that better relations between their two countries will allow them to reunite with family members after decades of separation.

Comprehension questions
  1. What kind of talks did the article call the summit in Korea?
  2. What kind of issued did the leaders discuss?
  3. What kind of atmosphere did jokes about cold noodles create?
  4. How many N. Korean leaders have now stepped foot in the South?
  5. What was trending more than "North Korea-South Korea summit"?
  6. How were world leaders feeling on Friday?
  7. What has never been signed between the two Koreas?
  8. What did China praise the two leaders for?
  9. What did China call the handshake between the two leaders?
  10. How long have families been separated for?

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