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The changing of the colour [of / off] the autumn leaves is a spectacular, photogenic, natural event in many forests around the world. The [myriad / myrtle] of golds, reds, yellows, greens and browns provides a colourful canvas that [ushers / etches] in the end of summer. This year in the USA, the autumn [foliage / foil] has been adversely affected by [draught / drought] conditions. The vibrant colours of the leaves have been [dulled / doled] by unusually dry weather. Over 80 per cent of America's northwest is [underwent / undergoing] extreme conditions that are not [conduction / conducive] to perfect foliage conditions. The traditional autumnal [beautify / beauty] spots of Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire are experiencing [severe / several] drought, and lacklustre colours.

Dr. William Keeton, a forest ecology and forestry professor at the University of Vermont, explained why the [converse / adverse] conditions were [prevalence / prevalent] this year. He said: "It is [dew / due] to a combination of factors, including good tree [growth / grown] last year, mild drought and both warm days and cool nights over the last month." He added: "The colours this year are [going / coming] about two weeks earlier than normal and will probably go by fast and [furious / furiously] . Largely, this is because the drought creates [physiological / psychology] stress for the trees." He warned: "The stress is not a good thing and may be a [bargain / harbinger] of things to come with climate change. In [terms / teams] of fall foliage, drought can cause the leaves to die and [fall / fail] off earlier."

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