Speed Reading — K-pop - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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South Korean pop music is now popular worldwide. In the past few years, the boy band BTS has been successful in America and Europe. They are the first K-pop band to have a number one song in the U.S. This caused big record labels to put money into Korean bands. The world's biggest music label, Universal, will join a live-streaming music platform set up by Korea's biggest record labels. It will invest in Big Hit Entertainment, the company BTS belongs to.

Universal also teamed up with YG Entertainment. The girl band BLACKPINK may be YG's next success. YG said: "We will work closely with…Universal…globally for the successful…debut and promotion of BLACKPINK. In addition, we will do our best to help other YG artists to break through into the North American and European markets." YG added: "Real talent rises above culture and language and has no boundaries."

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