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   in      in      in      of      of      on      since      under  
Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It is changing education. Three universities have adopted a new, landmark policy - to allow students to use AI assessments. Tests will be strict conditions. A professor said: "Instead banning students from using such programs, we aim to assist [them]." The Internet is full AI text generators that can write essays well enough to fool teachers. The essays can even trick anti-plagiarism tools.

Artificial Intelligence could affect exam fairness. It is the biggest change calculators maths tests. The latest teachers' dilemma is a language-processing tool called ChatGPT. This can human-like content any subject seconds. Teachers worry that students will use it to write essays. Another professor said teachers needed to accept AI. He said: "You cannot stop it. The alternative is the Middle Ages - going to pen and paper."

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