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The increasing [tranquility / ubiquity] of artificial intelligence in our lives is creating [waves / tides] in academia. Three universities in Australia have adopted what [seemingly / seems] like a landmark [policy / politic] . The three institutions are allowing students to use AI when taking assessments, [albeit / be] under strict conditions. Professor Romy Lawson said: "Instead of banning students from using [such / so] programs, we aim to assist academic staff and students to use digital tools [to / for] support learning." The Internet [abundance / abounds] with AI text generators. These can be used to create essays that look authentic enough to [stupid / fool] examiners. The content created by these AI tools evade detection by [ever / even] the smartest of anti-plagiarism tools.

Artificial Intelligence is [posing / posy] huge challenges to exam integrity. It is the biggest disruptor [when / since] calculators were allowed into maths tests. The latest [quarry / quandary] for educators comes from a language processing chatbox called ChatGPT. This can produce highly authentic human-like [contains / content] on any subject in seconds. It has [sparkled / sparked] fears that students will use it to write essays. The University of South Australia's Dr Vitomir Kovanovic said teachers needed to [embrace / hug] AI. He said: "You cannot stop [them / it] . The alternative is the Middle Ages - going [to / back] pen and paper." He added that universities needed to change with the [time / times] . He said: "It's like having a driving school, but teaching people how to [ride / reverse] horses."

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