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Scientists are warning that people who smoke are in of damaging their eyes. The scientists say smokers are two more likely to lose their than non-smokers. Everyone knows that can damage the lungs and heart, but not many people know it could damage the eyesight. The are from the Association of Optometrists (AOP) in the United Kingdom. The AOP has started a to raise awareness of the of smoking to the eyes. The campaign is called "Stub it out". The "stub" means put out a cigarette by pushing the end against something ; "stub it out" is saying, "stop smoking". The AOP said only one in five people thinks smoking can damage the .

The AOP explained why smoking is so to the eyes. Cigarette gets in the eyes and causes or worsens a of different eye problems. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that can irritate and damage the eyes. Smoke contains tiny pieces of like lead and copper. These can get into the eyes and lead to cataracts - a that causes the eye lens to become . People with cataracts usually need an operation to restore their sight. Smoke can also increase the of worsening sight problems for people with diabetes. The AOP said smokers are also three more likely to damage the eyes' muscles. The AOP has encouraged to quit

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