Lessons from March 2017 - June 2017

ESL lesson on the winner of the 2017 World Food Prize.
ESL lesson on the World Taekwondo Federation changing its name.
ESL lesson on how the shape of birds' eggs affects how well a bird flies.
ESL lesson on many strange deep-sea creatures found near Australia.
ESL lesson on YouTube planning to fight online terror by deleting
ESL lesson on Jay Z being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Jay Z receives top songwriting honor

19th June - "Harder"
The rapper Jay Z has been recognized for his prolific and influential songwriting career by being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
ESL lesson on A drug that can copy the effects of sunlight and perhaps reduce the risk of skin cancer..
ESL lesson on trendy names and labels making vegetables look tastier.
ESL lesson on more mixed-gender events and more women being at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
ESL lesson on Sesame Street and IBM making a new vocabulary app for kids.
ESL lesson on Indonesia counting and registering its islands in order to better protect its territory and marine resources.
ESL lesson on Arab nations cutting ties with Qatar.

Arab nations cut ties with Qatar

7th June - "Easier"
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Yemen have all cut relations with Qatar.
ESL lesson on entrepreneur Elon Musk quitting Donald Trump's business advisory council after the U.S. President dumped the Paris Agreement.
ESL lesson on the world being 0.28% more peaceful than a year ago.
ESL lesson on Finland's education reforms for the digital age.
ESL lesson on the world's first robot police officer, who started work in Dubai.
ESL lesson on how fitness trackers may not produce the data the companies say they do.
ESL lesson on how flamingos can stand on one leg.
ESL lesson on memes growing in importance and influence in our lives.
ESL lesson on Holland's king having a secret life as pilot for Dutch carrier KLM.
ESL lesson on Microsoft blaming a U.S. spy agency for WannaCry.
ESL lesson on China's plans to increase global trade.
ESL lesson on the possibility of the Maori haka and language keeping dementia away.
ESL lesson on the firing of the FBI boss.
ESL lesson on Nicki Minaj paying the college fees for some of her fans.
ESL lesson on swearing making you physically stronger.
ESL lesson on an exercise pill that could replace the need to exercise.
ESL lesson on a cafe of happiness for government workers in the UAE.
ESL lesson on how a third of the food we produce worldwide is wasted.
ESL lesson on a plastic-eating worm that could help to remove the world's waste.
ESL lesson on China's new aircraft carrier.
ESL lesson on egg freezing being offered as a perk to female employees.
ESL lesson on some families in Germany getting government help with housework.
ESL lesson on exercise being contagious because of social media.
ESL lesson on the USA ending its 'patience' with North Korea.
ESL lesson on a high school that had to change its 'sexist' Women's Studies course.
ESL lesson on a 69-year-old who was dragged off a United Airlines airplane and will now sue the airline.
ESL lesson on some Dutch towns telling tourists how to behave.

Dutch towns tell tourists how to behave

14th April - "Harder"
Villagers living in the area known as 'Old Holland' outside of Amsterdam have got together with local tour companies to create rules of conduct for tourists.
ESL lesson on people losing money in an online dating scam.
ESL lesson on people in Bolivia with almost no heart problems.
ESL lesson on a halal snack that is helping to bring Australians together and create more intercultural understanding.
ESL lesson on sales quotas being given to convenience store workers.
ESL lesson on people who say no shampoo may be better for your hair.
ESL lesson on there being 12 new types of cloud for us to talk about.
ESL lesson on research that says older mothers may raise happier children.
ESL lesson on the laptop ban on airplanes that has gone into effect in certain countries.
ESL lesson on scientists finding a way to mass produce blood.
ESL lesson on funeral discounts for Japan's elderly drivers who quit driving.
ESL lesson on a face recognition scanner that aims to stop toilet paper thieves.
ESL lesson on Subway suing a TV station for reporting its chicken products were only half chicken.
ESL lesson on how the climate may have changed the shape of our nose.
ESL lesson on social media sites possibly facing heavy hate speech fines in Germany.
ESL lesson on the inventor of the World Wide Web being worried about its future.
ESL lesson on the biggest humanitarian crisis facing the world since 1945.
ESL lesson on how to become a memory champion.
ESL lesson on 'female' traffic signals starts in Australia.

ESL lesson on the discovery of the Trappist-1 planets.
ESL lesson on Japan's

Japan attempts to ease working hours

5th March - "Harder"
Japan's government has backed an initiative to ease the pressure on Japanese workers and simultaneously boost consumer spending.
ESL lesson on pop music coming back to Bulgarian radio.
ESL lesson on mothers getting less sleep than fathers.

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