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Lessons from Jul 2015 - Oct 2015

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"Easier" = Level 0, 1, 2 and 3   (CEFR A2 - B1).
"Harder" = Levels 4, 5 and 6   (CEFR B1 - C2).

Processed meat causes cancer, says WHO
29th October - "Easier"
A new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) says processed meat causes cancer.
Snow leopard under threat from climate change
26th October - "Harder"
The conservation charity World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has warned that climate change is threatening the existence of the snow leopard in the Himalayas....
The Force Awakens breaks ticket records
23rd October - "Easier"
The new Star Wars movie will not open in cinemas until December, but it is already attracting huge interest online.
The Internet gives new meanings to common words
20th October - "Harder"
The fast pace at which the Internet has entered and transformed our lives has had an impact on the words and language we use....
Pompeii thieves say relics are cursed
17th October - "Easier"
The ancient city of Pompeii near Naples, Italy, receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.
Ecotourism a danger to wildlife
14th October - "Harder"
Ecotourism is a booming business that many tour operators cite as being helpful to nature....
Jobless young people a big problem
11th October - "Easier"
A new report says the number of young people without a job is still very high in many countries.
Doctors say hospitals should ban perfumes
8th October - "Harder"
Doctors in Canada have called for a ban on the use of perfumes and aftershaves in hospitals and clinics....
French radio wants to play English songs
5th October - "Easier"
Radio stations in France have been protesting against a possible new government rule.
Volkswagen to recall 11 million cars
2nd October - "Harder"
The troubled German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has announced it will recall around 11 million cars following the emissions tests scandal ...
Brad Pitt movie scares farm animals
29th September - "Easier"
A movie produced by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has made the headlines for scaring farm animals. The movie is called 'The Lost City of Z' and is set in the 1920s.
More people die from selfies than shark attacks
26th September - "Harder"
Travellers and phone-camera lovers need to note a new danger that has recently come to light....
Dementia will rise in the future
23rd September - "Easier"
One in three people born in the United Kingdom this year will suffer from dementia in their lifetime.
Arrested clock-making teen invited to White House
20th September - "Harder"
The Texas high school student who was arrested because of a clock he made for school has been invited to the White House.
Smaller plates help reduce obesity
17th September - "Easier"
New research suggests there is a simple and easy way to help people to stop over-eating. Researchers say there is an alternative to fancy diets.
Travelling to and from work is work - EU
14th September - "Harder"
The European Union has ruled that workers with no fixed office should be paid for travelling to and from their first...
Top soccer video game has women's teams
11th September - "Easier"
One of the world's best-selling video games has increased its list of options to attract more women players.
Germany and Austria welcome refugees
8th September - "Harder"
Germany and Austria welcomed thousands of refugees yesterday after their long walk through Hungary....
Earth has lost half its trees because of humans
5th September - "Easier"
There is good news and bad news regarding the number of trees on our planet...
Slow-melting ice cream could be here soon
2nd September - "Harder"
Scientists may have discovered something that could be very welcome news for ice cream lovers around the world. ...
A billion people on Facebook in one day
30th August - "Easier"
Over one billion people used Facebook last Monday. This is the first time the site has had this many visitors in one day.
Scientists close to influenza vaccine
27th August - "Harder"
Scientists in the USA say they are getting closer to developing a vaccine that will provide life-long protection against any type of influenza. ...
Saudi women to vote for first time
24th August - "Easier"
Saudi Arabian women have been registering to vote for the first time in their history. Women will be able to vote in the city council elections later this year.
Dogs used to be more like cats
21st August - "Harder"
New research suggests that climate change helped dogs develop from creatures resembling cats to the way they are today....
Reports of doping cover-up in athletics
18th August - "Easier"
An article in the British newspaper The Sunday Times claims that around a third of the world's top athletes at a major event cheated by using drugs.
Twitter ends 140-character DM limit
15th August- "Harder"
For the first time on Twitter, people will be able to send messages that are longer than 140 characters.
Singapore celebrates 50 years of independence
12th August - "Easier"
Singapore celebrated its fiftieth birthday on Saturday.
Egypt opens extension of Suez Canal
9th August - "Harder"
Egypt's President Abdelfattah el-Sisi attended a ceremony yesterday to unveil a major extension of the Suez Canal. The original....
Obama announces new Clean Power Plan
6th August - "Easier"
The U.S. president Barack Obama has announced a new plan to combat climate change. It is called the Clean Power Plan.
Exercise for teenage girls extends their life
3rd August - "Harder"
A new study has revealed the importance of exercise for teenage girls. Researchers analysed data from a study...
Technology goods to become cheaper
30th July - "Easier"
There is a new global trade agreement that will make IT products cheaper. More than 50 countries agreed to end tariffs...
Car interiors a breeding ground for deadly bacteria
27th July - "Harder"
Many people feel safer in their own cars than risk getting germs while travelling on public transport. The truth for many car drivers...
Man gets world's first bionic eye
24th July - "Easier"
A man in Britain can see again because of a new bionic eye. Ray Flynn, 80, became the first patient in the world to get...
Electric car does 0 to 100kph in 2.8 seconds
21st July - "Harder"
A new, upgraded version of an electric car from Tesla Motors is capable of going from 0 to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds....
Plan to return the wolf to Scotland
18th July - "Easier"
A group of green charities called Rewilding Britain wants to return a large area of Scotland to how it was a thousand years ago.
Time-out from Eurozone possible for Greece
15th July - "Harder"
The economic crisis concerning Greece's future in the Eurozone continues. Greece is struggling to pay back huge loans.
Mount Fuji gets free Wi-Fi
12th July - "Easier"
Japan's snow-covered Mount Fuji is one of the most famous mountains in the world. Nearly 300,000 people climb to the top each year.
Adidas to make shoes from ocean garbage
9th July - "Harder"
Adidas has created a sports shoe from garbage floating in the ocean. The new trainer is part of a project to raise awareness of the serious problem of ocean pollution....
Solar-powered plane makes history
6th July - "Easier"
A solar-powered plane has made history by flying from Japan to Hawaii, a journey of almost 6,500 kilometres. The plane is called Solar Impulse 2.
Students sell bodies and gamble to survive
3rd July - "Harder"
University students in the U.K. are having such a hard time making ends meet that they are resorting to desperate measures. Many have turned to gambling....

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