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A new report shows that no country in Africa will [meet / greet] goals set to end childhood malnutrition by the year 2030. That target was [bet / set] by the United Nations in 2015 as a Sustainable Development Goal. The UN adopted a [set / setting] of goals, "to end poverty, protect the [plants / planet] and ensure prosperity for all as part of [anew / a new] sustainable development agenda". The new report is [publishing / published] in the journal Nature. It identifies [poor / poorly] child nutrition and low levels of education across 51 African countries. These were [keyed / key] factors in countries battling to provide children with [sufficiently / sufficient] food. Researcher Simon Hay said the goal of [ending / end] childhood malnutrition was always an "aspirational" target. He said: "This aspiration is very, very far away."

There was some good news in the [report / reports] . It highlighted the fact that many African nations, [inclusive / including] Ghana and Nigeria, have shown [signs / signal] of improvement in childhood development since the year 2000. However, it is a [different / difference] story for countries like Chad, Central African Republic and Eritrea. The report [indicating / indicates] that malnutrition remained "persistently [height / high] " in 14 countries between Senegal in the west [to / and] Somalia in the east. Many of these countries have experienced war, famine and [mass / pass] migration, all of which have put massive strains [on / in] health and agriculture. One researcher said considerable investment was needed in health and infrastructure in order to [envelope / address] "serious inequalities".

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