Lessons from Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

ESL lesson on the possibility of fasting leading to health benefits.
ESL lesson on Carlos Ghosn stepping down as CEO of Nissan Motors.
ESL lesson on a slippery ketchup bottle that will help the zero-waste economy.
ESL lesson on the threat to the world from bio-terrorism .
ESL lesson on there being an eighth continent, called Zealandia.

Zealandia – The eighth continent?

19th February - "Easier"
We may have to change our thinking about how many continents there are. Geologists say there is an eighth continent - Zealandia.
ESL lesson on a study that says marriage makes you less stressed.

Marriage makes you less stressed

17th February - "Harder"
A new study suggests that marital bliss has beneficial health effects. The research is from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.
ESL lesson on a new, super-thin material that cools buildings.
ESL lesson on a new director for the upcoming Batman movie.
ESL lesson on Kenya's High Court saying the world's largest refugee camp must stay open.
ESL lesson on a TV maker that illegally tracked and sold people's viewing data.
ESL lesson on eating disorders in models being a serious problem.
ESL lesson on how astronauts' brains change shape during spaceflight.
ESL lesson on Starbucks plan to employ 10,000 refugees around the world.
ESL lesson on the number of people at the Washington D.C. Women's March.
ESL lesson on scientists saying the apocalypse is 30 seconds closer on the Doomsday Clock because of Donald Trump.
ESL lesson on cats being just as clever as dogs.

Cats are just as clever as dogs, says study

28th January - "Harder"
For whatever reason, people assume dogs are more intelligent creatures than cats. This notion has been called into question by scientists in Japan.
ESL lesson on worries about microplastics in our seafood.
ESL lesson on a city's plans to plant 3 million trees.
ESL lesson on how ants use the Sun to get from A to B.

Ants use the Sun to get from A to B

22nd January - "Easier"
Ants are some of the most impressive creatures on this planet. There are so many things we do not know about them.
ESL lesson on a report that says eating chili peppers helps you live longer.
ESL lesson on eight billionaires being as rich as half of the people in the world.
ESL lesson on the animal rights pressure group buying shares in Louis Vuitton.
ESL lesson on a super-strong spider web silk that scientists have made.
ESL lesson on news that weekend-only exercise is good for you.
ESL lesson on an article about how imaginary zombies would wipe out nearly all humans in 100 days.

Zombies would wipe out humans in 100 days

10th January - "Easier"
Everyone knows that zombies only exist in horror movies. Or do they? A new article predicts that imaginary zombies would kill almost everyone on Earth in just 100 days.
ESL lesson on how using cotton buds could damage your hearing.
ESL lesson on how language barriers are holding back science around the world.
ESL lesson on tensions between the USA and Russia over election hacking allegations.
ESL lesson on the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Pearl Harbor.
ESL lesson on smartphone toilet paper at airport in Tokyo, Japan.
ESL lesson on women being better doctors than men but getting paid less.

ESL lesson on the UK's Prince Harry promising to make a difference.
ESL lesson on the genetic code of a seahorse.

Scientists unlock secrets to seahorses

17th December - "Easier"
For the first time, scientists have unlocked the secrets to one of the world's most recognizable but least understood fish – the seahorse.
ESL lesson on a Syrian refugee being the top student in an Australia school.

Syrian refugee top student in Australia school

15th December - "Harder"
A Syrian refugee who could hardly speak a word of English two years ago has just passed his school exams in Australia with flying colours and is in the top 4 per cent of all graduates in Melbourne.
ESL lesson on why children in Venezuela will be getting toys from the government this Christmas.
ESL lesson on the Ivory Coast getting three-word postal addresses.
ESL lesson on 1.2 million people accepting a birthday party invitation.
ESL lesson on a new store lets you shop, walk out and pay later.
ESL lesson on U.S. military veterans joining a protest against an oil pipeline.
ESL lesson on Thailand's new king.

Thailand has a new king

3rd December - "Harder"
Thailand has a new king after Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, 64, accepted an invitation from parliament to succeed his father.
ESL lesson on Christmas cards that show images of war.

Christmas cards show nativity in war zone

1st December - "Easier"
A charity has released a series of Christmas cards with a difference. They have traditional Christmas scenes from the Holy Land but they also contain images of the war in Syria.
ESL lesson on the Indian leader's plans to make his country a cashless society.
ESL lesson on the effects of a low social status on your health.
ESL lesson on a man who sold firewood to pay for his dead wife's medical bills.

Man sells firewood to pay wife's medical bills

25th November - "Harder"
An Internet campaign has come to the rescue of 80-year-old man in the USA who was reduced to selling firewood on the roadside to try and pay for his wife's medical bills.
ESL lesson on why we will get better weather forecasts in the future.
ESL lesson on emergency junk food flown to an earthquake-hit town in New Zealand.
ESL lesson on how scientists modified plants to grow more crops.
ESL lesson on the perfect cup of coffee.
ESL lesson on Israel backing bill to make the call to prayer in mosques quieter.
ESL lesson on boys and girls reacting differently to stress.
ESL lesson on world leaders' reactions to Donald Trump's victory.
ESL lesson on Indian cities experiencing hazardous air quality.
ESL lesson on calls for Daylight Saving Time to be scrapped.
ESL lesson on the need for a world policeman.
ESL lesson on the UAE's new law that encourages the nation to read.
ESL lesson on how to slow down the aging process.

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